June Concerts in Czechia


6. June - Praha Ingvaldsen + Cremaschi + Chalupa + Wróblewski (NO/USA/CZ) . Kampus Hybernská

7. June. Brno KONCEPTY A IMPROVIZACE - Kabinet múz, Brno

8. June - Praha. KONCEPTY A IMPROVACE - Divadlo Inspirace

10. June Praha. Double Concert with Roscoe Mitchell Quintet - PMP ENSEMBLE @ Divadlo Archa

Kitchen Orchestra with Tobias Klein

14. May 21.00 at Folken, Stavanger, Norway


Different Waters - Different Waves. Concert for 3 big bands

Different Waters - Different Waves. Concert for 3 big bands. Click-click

Pocket Corner back in Spain….

End of March/beginning of April we willl come back to Spain for several concerts…..
We will also bring our new CD:

31. Januar in…..Kühlspot, Berlin Weissensee

Vestnorsk Jazzensemble med Per Zanussi

21. januar i Bergen. https://bergenjazzforum.no/per-zanussi-vestnorsk-jazzensemble/
22. januar i Stavanger



Wednesday 20. October in Sowieso, Berlin

The B. Trio in Sowieso/Facebook

With Anthony Braxton - 10. October in Praha


3. september Spor 5, Stavanger